Accidental Loss or Damage & Theft Insurance for Laptops & Tablets used by Students & Teachers in Australian Schools, Colleges & Universities

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The various State and Territory Governments apply different Stamp Duty rates to insurance purchases. So we can calculate the correct premium for you, we need to know what postcode you live in.


There are 2 types of devices:

  1. Laptop — A device that opens and closes in a clam-shell action. This type of device includes Convertibles, Hybrids and Transformer-type devices (that is, the screen can swivel, fold or turn to create a Tablet-type surface).
  2. Tablet — A device that consists of only a screen, which may or may not have a keyboard that can be attached, but does not open and close in a clam-shell action.


This amount should represent the ex-GST Recommended Retail Price of the device you wish to insure. It should include all hardware accessories (including bags, protective cases, external hard drives, attachable keyboards, etc.), but exclude software.


If you have received a Promotion Code from an Education Institution, Laptop Supplier, or Financier, enter it here.

Established in 2005, iBroker specialises in insurance for Laptops, Tablets and Netbooks used by Students and Teachers in Australian Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited, the iBroker Education Laptop Insurance provides Accidental Loss or Damage and Theft cover for Individual Students and Teachers, School Purchase Programs, Parent Purchase Programs and BYOD Programs.

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